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JULY SUMMER SALE...Free Shipping Across UK Mainland
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Bioethanol Fires & Wood Burning Stoves

Bioethanol Fires & Wood Burning Stoves

Introducing -Henley Stoves

Henley has emerged as one of the rapidly growing stove brands in both Ireland and the UK. Our commitment lies in delivering high-quality products at affordable prices, accompanied by an unwavering dedication to exceptional customer service and we believe Henley match our values for this. From the manufacturing process to the end-user experience, customers are our top priority. Henley take pride in incorporating innovative designs, advanced technology, and environmentally friendly standards to establish ourselves as a leading provider of top-notch, affordable stoves. Their product range spans from traditional wood burning stoves to an extensive and exclusive selection of bioethanol stoves. Since 1989, Henley has been a trusted presence, bringing warmth and comfort to countless homes across Ireland and the UK.


Freestanding Bioethanol Fireplaces

Introducing our extensive range of bioethanol fires, where you'll find a wide variety of models to suit your preferences. Explore our captivating collection of freestanding fireplaces such as the  Henley 'Madrid' with it's slightly curved classic design, or the Scandiflames 'Cheyenne' with a more modern sleek, sharp edge design. These contemporary fireplaces come in a multitude of designs, sizes, and colours, ensuring there's a perfect fit for every space.

Whether you desire a bio fire for your floor or table, as an insert, to replace an old wood stove, or to enhance a classic English fireplace, our decorative fires will effortlessly create a warm and inviting ambiance. Experience the versatility of our ethanol fires, suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings.

Outdoor Fireplaces and Firepits

Transform your garden or patio into a haven of warmth and comfort. Discover our exquisite collection of garden fireplaces, firepits, and patio heaters, designed to elevate your outdoor experience.

With an extensive range of bioethanol fireplaces and our ever increasing selection of reputable brands, you'll find the perfect fit for your needs. Explore our outdoor bioethanol or gas fires such as the Muztag Marbella Patio Heater, or perhaps you prefer the 'safe touch' heaters such as our Mensa 'Statio' Infrared Heater with cost efficient Motion Sensor

If it's a heat source for guests under your Pergola that you need then the Heatbar Pro 2400 Electric Infrared patio heater, will help keep the party going long into the evening with it's heat output of 2400W.

Installation is a breeze, and operating these exceptional products is even easier. Enhance your outdoor area effortlessly with our premium selection.


Something more modern perhaps?

Here are the benefits of a Stylish Cocoon Bio-ethanol Fireplace:

Contemporary & Luxury Fireplaces:

It is no secret that Cocoon Fires produce beautiful and functional contemporary bioethanol fireplaces with no smoke, eliminating the need for a flue.  This modern version a fireplace, eliminates the need for complex installation and allows for greater flexibility in placement within a space; large or small. One of the main advantages of a bioethanol fireplace is its ability to instantly create a captivating focal point with dancing flames.

The particularly 'eye-catching' models within the Cocoon family are the wall-mounted 'Vellum' or the 'Aeris' ceiling mounted Fireplace; both with a real sense of sophistication and elite design.

Health Benefits of Bioethanol Fuel

Another notable benefit of a bioethanol fireplace is the absence of potentially harmful air particles that are released when burning solid fuels. This is particularly advantageous for individuals who suffer from allergies or other health conditions. By opting for a bioethanol fireplace, users can enjoy the warmth and ambiance of a fire without the concern of aggravating respiratory issues or compromising air quality.


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