JULY SUMMER SALE...Free Shipping Across UK Mainland
JULY SUMMER SALE...Free Shipping Across UK Mainland
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Marbella is an outdoor patio heater from Muztag.

Marbella burns LPG and can conceal the LPG cylinder inside its body.

Muztag Marbella is a stylish outdoor only gas fireplace, that will put a touch of beauty into any surroundings. This multi-seasonal heat source is perfectly suited to small areas ensuring balcony breakfasts and evenings drinks are no longer a chilling experience.

The stunning design causes the guests to be fascinated by the beautiful flames of a timeless piece of furniture. This fireplace is Muztag's signature fireplace, and the effect of spreading comfort, warmth and luxury in one product.

Marbella comes with fitted wheels, that makes it easy to be moved around and makes it ideal for private homes, restaurants, bars and hotels.

Gas cylinder not included.


  • Concealed Gas Cylinder
  • 60cm hose with 37mBar regulator
  • Variable gas valve
  • Wheels
  • Overturn shutdown
  • ODS Pilot Safety (Oxygen detection safety feature)
  • CE Approved

Fuel Consumption

At maximum flow rate, the Muztag Marbella can use a maximum of 521g LPG per hour, which creates approximately 7.3kW heat.

It is possible to adjust the flow of gas using the gas valve to decrease the usage and heat output.

Bad weather

Muztag Marbella is not suitable for use in the really windy conditions, since the wind can blow out the fire and pilot.

Rain and snow can damage the fireplace in the long term. Never leave the fireplace exposed when not in use. Use a protectioncover or move the fireplace somewhere dry.

NOTE: Muztag Marbella is only intended for use outdoor.

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