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Make sure your SUNS Lifestyle Pergola is cosy all year round with the 2000W Outdoor Heater, perfect for spending time in your garden on those cooler evenings where it can be fixed to both the Maranza Deluxe, Galaxy & Rota models.

Constructed with industrial aluminium and carbon fibre heating elements it will reach surface temperatures between 200 – 300°C and will heat an area of 15 – 20m², making sure you can relax in the garden, whatever the weather. Infrared heaters use up to 60% less energy than electric convection heaters, because they warm up objects rather than the air.

Bring warmth on colder nights with the 2000W Infrared Pergola Outdoor Heater.

Discreet and easy to install the outdoor heater features a wi-fi remote control that allows you to have instant control over the heater with time settings, smart heating and a child lock feature. A body sensor in the heater will detect bodies moving and operate as long as it can sense movement. For increased efficiency, it will switch off automatically if nothing is detected after 2 minutes and it is protected with an IP65 rating, so it won’t be damaged by dust or splashes of water.

The Health Benefits Of IR Heating.

Firstly, infrared heat is far more penetrative compared to convection heaters, which are only really felt on the surface of the skin unlike IR heating which penetrates up to 3 inches beneath the surface of the skin so your whole body feels warm! Warming your body with IR heating increases the level of oxygen in the bloodstream, reducing your heart rate in the process. As the blood vessels become warmer, they dilate, thus allowing a higher number of blood cells to circulate around the body. Not only is this better for your general health, but it’s also great for if you’ve sustained any injuries like cuts or knocks, as it will help with recovery. Infrared is also non convective, meaning it does not create air flows carrying dust, pollen and allergens around, so you get a clean, safe heat that avoids any sort of trigger on respiratory problems.

Saving Money with IR Heating.

IR panels propose many different advantages including discreet heat, being kind to the environment and aiding a healthy lifestyle. But, how can they help your bank account?

Using low amounts of power equals low costs. In comparison to the 2kW/h that a convector heater would use, IR heaters will use between 0.29 and 0.8kW/h. By switching to IR units, you can save up to 60% on your energy bills.

You will be able to control each heater individually, unlike convection heaters which will all be on at the same time. You can instead only operate the ones in the spaces you are in for efficiency.

Last but certainly not least, our heaters take little to no time to start emitting heat that you can actually feel. Therefore, the actual unit will spend less time on, using less energy, to help you save more.

Install With Ease

Completely easy to install, you can mount it to a wall or ceiling without any professional help at all.

With a stencil in the box, you will need to draw onto the surface where you want the heater to go and drill in the brackets. Our heaters come delivered with four wall brackets – two that will go into your surface and two to be affixed to the back to the panel.

The brackets are also adjustable so you can steer the heat to any direction you want!

Zero Maintenance

Requiring little to no maintenance, this Bar Heater is so simply constructed with no moving parts at all. This means you can save a fortune on your maintenance, as well as your heating bills.

An IR heater can actually last for up to 30 years, doubling a boilers lifespan! 

To maintain the look of the heater, simply clean it down with a damp cloth. In the event that any dust builds up, you will just need to wipe it down again.

Always be sure to turn the unit off and wait for it to cool down before cleaning it for added safety.

See more information and assembly instructions here: 


LENGTH 985mm       

WIDTH 160mm

DEPTH 70mm


Cancellations Before Dispatch

If you wish to cancel your order before dispatch, please email us at You may cancel your order at anytime up until dispatch, however in some cases there may be a minimum 10% administration charge. If you cancel your order via telephone before your order has been dispatched your order will be put on hold. You must then confirm your wish to cancel the order in writing via email to

Your order will not be considered cancelled until notification in writing or via email is received and acknowledged.

Cancellations After Dispatch

If you decide to cancel an order after the product(s) have been dispatched and commenced their carriage to you please email us at we may, at our discretion, charge you for the return carriage of those product(s) which will be deducted from any refund issued. We advise you to check the status of your order before you request cancellation. Any charges will be communicated to you before we confirm the cancellation.

Change of Mind Returns Online Orders Only (Cooling Off Period)

You may return any delivered product(s) you have purchased within 14 working days after day of delivery for any reason (including if you simply change your mind) these are subject to a minimum 10% administration fee for all cancelled orders. To do so you must notify us in writing or via email to stating the reason for the return. If you are returning a product for any change of mind reason you must arrange to return the products to us or to our suppliers and you will be responsible for any charges incurred. All returned products must be returned ‘as new’; if you have opened the package you must have done so without damaging or marking the product or packaging. All items will be checked upon return before the relevant action is taken. All items are to be returned within 14 days of cancellation.

Please note you have a duty of care to make sure that the items are sufficiently packaged to prevent damage occurring during their return. Failure to ensure this may result in action being taken against you for damaged items. If the item is damaged on arrival at our point of delivery we will notify you and you may need to make a claim against your carrier. The goods may then be collected from us. We cannot process a refund for goods damaged in transit when sent back to us.

Before you request or arrange the return of a product, please read the information below carefully. Please note that if applicable, all parts must be checked before assembly to make sure they are all there and that you are happy with the quality, once fully assembled has been commenced the purchase price cannot be refunded.

Please note these provisions do not apply to “bespoke” or individually designed or manufactured products at a customer’s request (statutory rights notwithstanding)

Damaged or Broken on Arrival (Cancelling the Order)

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Damaged or Broken on Arrival (Replacement Parts or Item)

In all cases for damaged items or broken items on delivery where you wish to have a replacement or parts sent (damage to be reported within 48 hours of delivery) we will require photographic evidence of the condition of the item. This will be at our discretion. Electronic files should be forwarded to us by email to We can then arrange to send replacement parts or if this is not possible we can then arrange to collect the item(s) from you. Once the goods have been returned we will then issue a replacement within our normal delivery schedule. This does not affect your statutory rights. Please note you have a duty of care to take reasonable care of the goods in your possession which includes packaging the goods for return to prevent further damage. The goods remain your responsibility until received by ourselves.

We reserve the right to provide replacement parts(s) or where this is not possible a complete replacement for a damaged product.

Please note that a collection cannot be arranged without a customer signature. This will be arranged at your convenience. You may, on occasion, be asked to dispose of the garden furniture.

Damage Reported after 48 hours of Delivery

We cannot accept any claims for damages which are not reported after 48 hours.

Item Received is not what you Ordered

If the product delivered is not what you ordered, or does not correspond fully with its item description and you wish to discuss this please notify us immediately on 01473 561208 or email as soon as possible.

Bespoke Installation Requests

Bespoke Installation Requests to our off the shelf products are the responsibility of the customer, any modifications made on site are to be confirmed in writing or by email by the customer. Replacement parts for parts incorrectly modified due to advice of customer are not the responsibility of SUNS Lifestyle Ltd.

Item is Faulty on delivery

If an item becomes faulty within the first 10 days please do not use the goods, please notify us as soon as practicable on 01473 561208 or email us at to inform us of the problem. We can then arrange for a replacement or refund as required. In both cases we will arrange to collect the goods at our expense and examine them. If the goods prove to be faulty we can then arrange for a replacement to be sent or to refund you the cost of your purchase if you wish to do so.

Please note you have a duty of care to take reasonable care of the goods in your possession which includes packaging the goods for return to prevent damage. The goods remain your responsibility until received in a satisfactory condition by ourselves.

Faulty Items

Should any item/. items become faulty after purchase please stop using and contact us on 01473 561208 or as soon as possible so we may come to an amicable solution regarding the problem

Packages/Parcels Missing on Delivery

The delivery note which you sign will clearly state how many parcels should be delivered. If parcels are missing on delivery please sign the delivery note and write on the delivery note how many parcels were actually received. Please notify us within 48 hrs (2 working days) of delivery on 01473 561208 or detailing the parcels missing. If we receive a signature on a delivery note stating that all parcels have been delivered we cannot accept any claims after this for missing parcels.

Parts Missing Following Delivery

Please notify any missing parts following the inspection of the goods. Please notify us within 7 days of delivery on 01473 561208 or detailing the parts and giving part numbers if applicable. You may also send in photos or an illustration if this would help identify the missing part(s). On receipt of the information we will arrange for the relevant part(s) to be sent out to you. Please note that all parts must be checked before assembly to make sure they are all there, once assembly has been commenced the purchase price cannot be refunded. (Please note this is not to be confused with missing parcels as detailed above)

It would be helpful if you can quote the original packaging reference number when contacting us.

Parts Missing After 7 Days of Delivery

We cannot accept liability for part(s) missing if they are reported more than 7 days after delivery.

General Return Information

We will not accept returns or cancellations if the product(s) have been altered by applying chemicals or paints to the surfaces or by altering or customising the product in any way that could be deemed as you using or treating the products as your own. While in your possession, you must keep any products you intend to return to us in good condition. Products must be returned in the same condition as they were delivered and it is your responsibility to take reasonable care of these items. If products were delivered flat packed they must be returned in the same way including complete dis-assembly. Care must be taken to ensure the returned products are packed well to avoid damage or loss of parts in transit, the products remain your responsibility until they are received by us in an undamaged condition. Your statutory rights are not affected.

Refunds (where applicable) will be processed within 5 working days. A refund to your Credit / Debit card takes between 3 / 7 working days after the refund has been approved. Pay Pal is usually a speedier refund proceeder. Debit and credit cards can take up to 7 working days to appear on your statement or account balance.

Please note once weather covers have been removed from their packaging, we are unable to offer refunds on these items. This does not affect your statutory rights.

Who pays for the return costs?

This depends on the reason for the return. If a product is incorrect, faulty or damaged we will cover the costs of the return and the cost of delivering a replacement. If the product is unwanted, then we will not cover the cost of the return and it is up to you to return the product to us in re-saleable condition. Once we have received the unwanted item back, we will inspect the product to ensure it is not damaged and then issue a refund for the value of the product minus delivery/collection costs.

Incomplete Orders / Waiting on parts from manufacturer.

Please note SUNS Lifestyle reserve the right to complete the full delivery and install within 180 days from point of order. This includes fitting of aluminium side panels, side cassettes, heaters to gazebos or damages, in which case the install team will return to fit free of charge. This is subject to production and shipping from manufacturer.

Structural Guarantee

We do not offer a period of guarantee on our teak products as the nature of the product, our Teak furniture being wood and mostly made by hand makes the products difficult to give any  practical and reliable kind of warranty. However our Teak furniture is built to the highest standard and generally teak will last for many years outside. Please note that shaking (small cracks) in wood outdoor furniture is normal and is not a structural fault.  We will however always attempt to resolve any issues with a product that may have become faulty in some way, we will always offer the advice to rectify the situation or even replace the damaged part if necessary, If there are any cost involved they will be submitted to the customer before any work commences.

All other warranty periods offered are Manufactures warranty, will Liaise with both parties for the benefit of our customer and the companies reputation.

Beyond 28 Days

After 28 days from purchase, it is the responsibility (this includes both cost and effort) of the customer to contact if you are returning any goods to us in the event of an undisputed claim. In the event of any claim the customer must provide proof of purchase in the form of the original sales invoice or the proof of payment method.


We may alter these terms and conditions from time to time and post the new version on our website, following which all use of our website will be governed by that current version. You must check the terms and conditions on the website regularly or on each visit to our site.

These terms and conditions together with the privacy policy, any order form and payment method instructions, if any, are the whole agreement between you and us. If any provision or terms of these terms and conditions shall become or be declared illegal, invalid or unenforceable for any reason whatsoever, such term or provision shall be divisible from the other terms and conditions and shall be deemed to be deleted from them. These terms and conditions and your use of our website are governed by English law and you submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English court. Except in respect of a payment obligation, neither you nor Suns Lifestyle will be held liable for any failure to perform any obligation to the other due to causes beyond your or Suns Lifestyle Ltd respective reasonable control. Failure or delay by either party enforcing an obligation or exercising a right under these Terms and Conditions does not constitute a waiver of that obligation or right.

These terms and conditions do not confer any rights on any person or party (other than you and/or us) pursuant to the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999. Please note that our website is available only to individuals that can form legally binding contracts under applicable law. You must be over 18 years to purchase the Products, using the payment methods displayed on our website. If you do not qualify you may not use our website.

Suns Lifestyle Ltd shall be under no liability for any delay or failure to deliver products or otherwise perform any obligation as specified in these terms and conditions if the same is wholly or partly caused whether directly or indirectly by circumstances beyond its reasonable control.

Not withstanding the any of above, Suns Lifestyle Ltd liability (whether in contract, or otherwise) for loss or damage shall in any event be limited to a sum equal to the amount paid or payable by you for the product(s) in respect of one incident or series of incidents attributable to the same cause. This of course does not affect your statutory rights as a consumer, and does not affect your contract cancellation rights.

All items bought by companies or individuals for trade or resale purposes will be deemed to be “trade to trade” transactions and in respect of such transactions Suns Lifestyle Ltd offers no warranties for said products.

Product Use and Care Advice

All parasols, pavilions and sunshades must be correctly secured before use. Also these garden products should never be left up in windy or inclement weather conditions. These products are also not covered by our guarantee if damaged because of incorrect fixing or bad weather.

Any parasol that is returned will be sent to the manufacturer for a cause of damage assessment, if the reason for the damage is in dispute.

All cushions are supplied with a one year manufacturer’s guarantee as standard. We can not be held responsible for cushion fabrics and filings which have been damaged or marked by being left outside in wet conditions or stored incorrectly.

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