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JULY SUMMER SALE...Free Shipping Across UK Mainland
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Before you complete groundworks or book a pergola installation, please see our foundational guidance below to support you in discussions with your landscaper or builder:

The pergola must be fitted on to a solid surface and beneath the finished surface must be something for the pergola to be secured safely such as a concrete pad. 

This would need to be completed before our installers arrive as they do not offer any groundworks, a local tradesperson would be able to assist you. 

We can provide a floorplan indicating where the floor plates of the pergola will sit based on your chosen size and orientation, the floorplan can also be viewed on the relevant product page on our website. 

We advise for concrete pads of approx. 40x40x40cm beneath any tiles, if you have decking then we advise the same or alternatively extra structural joists below the decking. 

You should then finish your surface completely with the tiles or decking on top, so that when our installers arrive, they can drill through the tile/deck and into something extra secure below. 

It may be wise to choose your pergola size before doing any groundworks, however if you have already laid the patio/deck then we do advise for you to check what is beneath the surface. Is it secure enough? Type1 or sand would not be suitable. Composite decking without something solid below would not be secure enough unless, you already have structural beams underneath where the footplates will sit. If this is the case, installing would be successful if all footplates are sitting on structural beams wide enough for the footplate to be bolted into fully. 

Should you have any questions before completing groundworks or booking a pergola installation, please speak to our team on 01473 561208.