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JULY SUMMER SALE...Free Shipping Across UK Mainland
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H2O Delivery & Installation

How Are Our Hot Tubs Delivered & Installed? 


When considering purchasing a spa for the first time, customers often wonder how hot tubs are delivered. If you are thinking of ordering either one of our stunning new hot tubs or one from anywhere else, there is a few things you need to consider and understand first about the delivery and installation process, so that you know the hot tub can be delivered safely and efficiently. 

Firstly, our delivery service allows you to choose from simple kerbside delivery, delivery & positioning or full installation service. If you have the required electrics set up our installation service means you can get your hot tub working the same day! 

When you buy your hot tub from us, we will help you every step of the way to ensure you not only get the right spa for you, but also that you can get it into your garden! We deliver our hot tubs in Scotland Wales and anywhere in England! 


What Do I Need to Know? 

There is lots to read up on to make sure you are aware of what will happen on delivery date and what you will need to prepare in advance (considering access for our delivery team, electrics, etc). We have put together a handy Delivery & Installation guide which gives you lots of information regarding the actual delivery process. So, read below to discover how hot tubs get delivered. 




Do I need a crane to deliver my Hot Tub? 

Sometimes our customers require their new hot tub to be lifted into their garden, either over the house, a garage, or a fence/wall. We can help with this by working with you to source crane hire. If it needs to go over the house, you will require a full-size crane. 

The cost for this is anything from £400-700 depending on location, how busy the street is and various other factors. 

If the tub needs to go over a wall, fence, hedge or another smaller obstacle, a HIAB will often be the best solution. This is a small flatbed truck with a crane arm on the back. It is usually much cheaper, from £150-300 on average. 

If you are in any doubt, please email us with details of your property and ideally a Google Maps screenshot so we can see the house: