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JULY SUMMER SALE...Free Shipping Across UK Mainland
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IcedArc Tub with Lid & Steps

Ice Baths

Cold Water Therapy Options:

H2O 'Chillax' Ice Bath & Cool Tub:

Indulge in pure relaxation and enjoy the utmost confidence knowing that you have invested in the finest cool tub and ice bath available - the Chillax by H2O.

Powered by the renowned Balboa Clim8Zone II, meticulously crafted by the leading experts in spa electronics and control systems, this Ice tub can be cooled down to 3.5 degrees without the need to fuss with additonal ice. This in built filtration system also means minimal cleaning as the same clean water can remain for up to 4 months.

Experience unparalleled reliability and tranquility as the Chillax operates with whisper-quiet efficiency.

Not only does the Clim8Zone II excel at cooling, but it also boasts the remarkable ability to heat water, effortlessly transforming your ice bath into a luxurious hot tub. Giving you the flexible option to either set temperature at 40 degrees for a hot dip or down to 3.5 degrees for your cold plunge.

Designed with full acrylic shell meaning no rust and no scratching over time.

Embrace the versatility and superior performance of the Chillax by H2O, where ultimate relaxation knows no bounds.

Or...Perhaps you are looking for an Ice Bath that is more compact and made of more natural materials?


All Wood iCedTubs 

It's time to embrace a fresh start, and we are here to guide you through the process. iCedTub offers a rejuvenating experience that will help you reconnect, recharge, and find inner peace. By unlocking your inner power, we can help alleviate feelings of depression, tiredness, and anxiety. Take the first step towards a better you and dive into the transformative power of iCedTub.

All Wood Hand-Made Ice Bath

Made entirely of premium French Oak & Acacia wood, rot resistant, sanitized, and no plastics!

Temperature Control System

New and improved system self cleaning and self filtering with Ozone. From 1 to 40 degrees.

Indoor and Outdoor Use

Wood coated with four layers of organic epoxy, protecting from bacteria, UV sun rays and outdoor elements. Capable of handling both individual and commercial use.



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    H2O Chillax Ice Bath & Chill Tub

    Chillax Ice Bath & Chill Tub Water that's as cold as ice. Without the ice. Experience the pinnacle of cold water immersion therapy with our c...

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    Original Price £4,499.00
    Current Price £3,699.00
    Save 18%